Because passion makes the difference

EPI - Effective. Partnership. Innovative.

Our E.P.I. principle defines the values that guide us: Effective. Partnership. Innovative. These values not only form the framework for our strategic orientation and our goals as a company, but also provide a common basis for cooperation with our stakeholders: customers, construction partners, employees, the environment and society.

Every project always comes down to cost, time and quality. Our mission is to optimise these three factors on an ongoing basis. To do this, we combine solid competence in planning with decades of experience in construction and the application of the latest technologies. We are continually improving our planning and construction processes together with our construction partners and customers, so that we can make the right decisions in advance, speed up processes and further reduce implementation and operating costs. Meanwhile, we never lose sight of the fact that the quality of construction is crucial to a building’s sustainable profitability.

That’s why when it comes to construction, we prefer to rely on our own strengths, an active culture of training and development and exemplary prevention of illegal work.

We form a team with our customers, construction partners and employees based on trusting cooperation, because building with WOLFF & MÜLLER means building on partnership. Working together on the functionality, feasibility and profitability of projects is the key building block to a project’s success. We believe that construction is a process between partners that can only succeed through dialogue. In any cooperation we undertake, dependability, consistent quality assurance and reliability in terms of costs and deadlines are our top priorities. To us, this means integrated, customer-oriented project and process monitoring. For our customers it means building together with a strong partner.

We plan and build today for the demands of tomorrow. For this reason, we are constantly seeking new, innovative solutions that conserve precious resources, boost economic efficiency and wow the future users of our buildings. This effort is rooted in our Gottlob Müller principle of sustainability. It led us to be the first construction company in Germany to achieve carbon neutrality and we are leaders in digital planning and construction. As early as 2008, we began gradually introducing innovative methods such as Building Information Modelling (BIM). However, we don’t just want to use our integrated digitisation strategy to make planning and construction processes more effective and efficient, but to do the same with every key process in the entire company.



Building Information Modeling (BIM)


Structured 3D data model as common project basis:

  • Greater security for dates, qualities, quantities and costs
  • Use of real data
  • More transparency 
  • More flexibility
  • Improving the common understanding of projects
Fabrication Information Modeling (FIM)

Structured 3D data model in steel contruction:

  • IN-HOUSE planning
  • IN-HOUSE manufacturing
  • IN-HOUSE production
  • IN-HOUSE innovation
Green Thinking

Green Thinking

Responsible use of energy, climate and resources. From talking to doing. That means at W&M:

  • Enviromental certified (DIN EN ISO 14001)
  • CO2 neutral (group-wide)
  • DGNB member
  • DGNB auditors
  • Permanent controlling and reducation of emissions